Social Meda Report- Video Infographic

I created this video infographic to communicate the goals and accomplishments of the first 90 days for the ScoreCard Social Media Marketing Campaign. ScoreCard is a bonus point and cash back loyalty product offered and supported by FIS to more than 3,000 clients. The FIS client base, made up primarily from traditionally conservative financial institutions, created a particularly challenging launch into social marketing channels. Upper level executives were fearful that the nature of social media would reveal cracks or shortcomings of their products and services and would open us up to sabotage by competitors as well.

The purpose of this infographic was to alleviate those fears, illustrate the benefits we clearly were enjoying and to secure executive buy in and additional budgeting to grow our social campaign.

I was successful in all of the above. In one year we grew our fan base to almost 20,000 engaged and active followers on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Youtube.

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